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5 proven ad creative types that can boost your sales

Less than three seconds.

… That’s the time you have to grab the attention of your potential customer before someone else does.

Which is why you need to produce magnetic creative assets.

If you need inspiration, Rahul Issar recently shared an interesting thread of ad creative types that had the most profitable ad spend in the last few months.

Let’s get swiping…

1 – Founder style. How do you build relationships and trust with your customers? Easy. Take them behind the scenes.

This is where you talk about your brand: How did you start the journey? What inspired you? Show customers there are real, committed people involved in your story.

2 – Voice-over. Morgan Freeman’s monologues, David Attenborough’s documentaries, your product benefits… Everything sounds better narrated, right?

Have someone narrate how to use your product while showing top performing clips from creators and mash it all together.

3 – Featured in… Social proof is king. If you’ve been featured in big publications, or even well-known websites in your niche, turn that into an ad.

It’s the easiest creative to make.

4 – Us vs. them. Don’t be afraid to call out your competition, highlighting why your brand is better than the “average” one.

You can use a static image of a neutral competitor product on one side and your product on the other. Then, use text overlay to write some crucial benefits.

5 – UGC testimonial. Have a paid creator or recent customer talk about their problem before introducing the product.

Let them describe how to use it, when to use it, and how the product improved their life and solved that particular problem. Remember, people trust other people over brands.

And that’s it! But only because we’ve run out of space. If you want to see image examples and a few more tips, we recommend reading the entire thread. Happy creating!