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New tips for lifting conversions with Instant Pages

In case you didn’t know already: TikTok has its own form of native landing pages.

The platform recently published tips for removing friction from your customer’s journey and driving sales with the Instant Page ads feature.

How to use it: TikTok recommends best practices like:

  • Setting up several Instant Pages and testing their effectiveness.
  • Starting with a broad target audience and narrowing down to higher-performing segments.
  • Analyzing both average view percentage and view time to gain a complete perspective on performance.

… And more.

Why we care: If you’re running ads on TikTok, the Instant Page ad feature could help improve your shopping experience for users and get them to check out faster.

Hey, when it comes to hectic shopping seasons like the holidays, use every tool at your disposal. Sometimes small tweaks can lead to big profits.