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Pinterest Import now available, plus four other big updates

Better pour yourself a tall one… of coffee.

Because Microsoft just announced several new features, and they’re anything but micro.

Pinterest Import now available, plus four other big updates

Hello, Pinterest Import: Microsoft Import—which helps you bring campaigns, ads, and assets from other platforms—now includes Pinterest.

That should make it easy to import data from Pinterest Ads to your Microsoft Audience Network, optimize your campaigns, measure results, and more.

You here too, Performance Max? Microsoft is also building a feature within Google Import to help you fly in Performance Max campaigns.

The feature is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up with your account team and import Performance Max campaigns as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads in Microsoft.

OK, three more ads updates:

  • You can now manage Multimedia Ads for search campaigns in the Microsoft Advertising editor.
  • Cruise ads and Tours and Activities ads are now generally available to advertisers.
  • Subdomains in Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are also available worldwide.

Phew, is that it, Microsoft? We just got warmed up…

Why we care: The new ads additions could help you integrate and optimize your campaign efforts for better results across channels.

And given the impending holidays, it’s good timing.