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Your products may get more visible on Google, plus an Ads update

Don’t use Merchant Center? Apparently Google’s OK with that.

Their latest update lets you tap into merchant listing experiences simply by providing product details directly on your website. No centering needed.

Your products may get more visible on Google, plus an Ads update

Here, there, everywhere: Before the update, you had to drop the deets in Google’s Merchant Center feed.

But now, eligibility for merchant experiences includes Shopping Knowledge panel and Popular Products, and shopping experiences in Google Images and Google Lens.

That means big potential for visibility.

Google also introduced new Search Console reports under a new Shopping section in the navigation bar.

The report helps you see check up on website health, identifies errors, shows warnings, and other insights for boosting web performance.

Oh, and there’s a Google Ads update, too: The release of automatically applied recommendations should provide you with two new flexible options:

  • Maintain your ads: Suggesting improvements to responsive search ads, conversion tracking, redundant keywords, and more.
  • Grow your business: Recommending advanced optimizations such as upgrading keywords broad match, maximizing conversions with automated bidding, and more.

You can learn more about the recommendations directly from the “Manage tab” in the ads manager. Aaaaand you can turn them off at any time.

Why we care: The merchant listing experiences update could help your products show up in more places organically, and with richer features.

Unlike some of Google’s updates, this actually sounds helpful.

… And the bundled recommendations could simplify your life when it comes to ad campaign optimization. But make sure you always have one eye on performance anyway.