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SEO: How to become a featured snippet master

Why settle for any old spot on the first page when you can get the prized real estate?

If Google’s search algorithm likes your answer to a query enough, it may slingshot a featured snippet of that summary to the top of the page – even if the page itself isn’t ranking.

As Chris Long writes, optimizing your article to impress Google and earn featured snippets can be a quick win that brings you visibility and traffic.

Chris has a few methods that may turn you into the snippet master…

First, add a “What is” heading. The “what is” heading automatically signals to Google that the section can solve a reader’s problem.

Ideally, it would be close to the top of the blog, making it easier for bots to find it and extract the “snippet” from that section.

Use the “is” sentence structure. The clearer your answer, the easier it is for the algorithm to pick it up.

If the heading says, “What is [keyword]?” then you should answer with “[keyword] is…” immediately after.

For example: [H2] What is influencer marketing? [Paragraph] Influencer marketing is…”

Define the entire topic in 2–3 sentences. Chris believes this is crucial. Your answer should summarize the entire section in the first paragraph of the section, following this order:

  • First sentence defines the topic.
  • Second and third sentences describe 2–3 must-know facts about it.

Be short and concise, like this snippet from Investopedia.

Be short and concise, like this snippet from Investopedia.

Match the snippet formats. Featured snippets come in three types: paragraphs, bulleted and numbered lists, and tables (though tables are more rare).

So first, make sure your sections are optimized for these formats, otherwise Google won’t pick them up.

Second, there’s a possibility a featured snippet for your desired query already exists. See which format it takes and try to optimize your content so it’s better and can “overtake” the existing one.

And those are the most important bits. For more in-depth information, check out Chris’s entire article and get your optimization gear. Snip, snip!

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