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Why cold email follow-ups are so important

So you’ve been working like a 110-pound Doberman, slinging cold emails left and right.

You’ve put together a wonderful email and you’re getting some replies…

But are you sending follow-up emails?

You should be. If you’re not, this section of today’s newsletter is your reminder. In many cases, follow-up emails will net you just as many replies as your initial cold email will.

Here are three simple rules for writing follow-up emails:

The first rule: Keep your follow-up emails simple. A good rule of thumb is that your follow-up should be at least 2x shorter than your initial email.

The second rule: Include an additional value prop about why the recipient might be interested in what you have. Remind your reader what’s in it for them—don’t follow up without providing any context.

The third rule: Wait a few days before sending your follow-up email. Give people two, three, or four days before you reach out again. The same applies if you send more than one follow-up email, though you’ll see diminishing returns after the first one.

Here’s an example: When we reach out to partner with potential content creators, we’ll send a follow-up like this:

“Hey, Joe. Just following up on my email from earlier this week.

I think a partnership might make sense here. When we partnered with [Similar Company] back in October, they got 450 new subscribers to their newsletter in a couple of hours.

Would love to chat. Let’s talk!”

Simple, effective, easy. Best of luck out there!