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SEO: Should you use AI in your SEO writing?

Rebecca Sentance recently asked three SEO experts: Should brands use AI writing tools in the “age of helpful content update”?

It’s a big question, especially since Google’s recent update says helpful content is written by people, for people. Seems to indicate that AI content is a no-go from the start, no?

Well, not exactly.

Here’s what the SEO experts told Rebecca…

What is “helpful content” actually? Google is doubling down on user experience, which means it’s moving away from ranking articles that are obviously optimized for traffic.

That means businesses will have to think about the content they produce, the audience and topics they cover, and the value they provide.

And while AI output may seem convincing, it’s missing a lot. Cultural nuances, analogies, metaphors are all required to bring content to life.

Take product reviews, for example. You can easily differentiate between SEO content and a real review.

So… can you use AI tools in copywriting? Yep, definitely. A lot of websites have AI content that actually ranks, but as Google’s algorithm becomes more “nuanced,” so should your content.

For instance, you can use AI content for writing first drafts and later finesse it for that “human touch.”

Also, large websites that need a lot of “basic content” output can leverage AI to do the legwork. For creative writing, this is much more difficult.

Can AI replace SEO writers? The experts aren’t convinced it can. The role of an SEO writer is not to slap down a floor of text, but to think about user search intent, schema markups, formatting, etc.

But SEO writing may evolve into a more of a “managing” and “editing” role, where AI writing tools can come in handy to automate certain processes.

After all, the output is only as good as the input. And a great SEO writer will know how to handle these tools better than the average one.

To wrap up: Think of AI writing tools as gifts that can help you better master your craft, upskill, automate, and earn more money.

As long as your final draft is fresh, new, and “human,” you should be all set.



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