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Shopify announces partnership program between merchants and creators

Say you’re an affiliate marketer… without saying you’re an affiliate marketer.

Shopify just launched Shopify Collabs, a new tool that gives content creators and store owners a chance to partner up, and hopefully, makes money.

Shopify announces partnership program between merchants and creators

Howdy, partner: Collabs helps creators find merchants with similar audiences so they can promote brand products on social media using Linkpop, Shopify’s link-in-bio tool.

When someone buys a product using the link, the creator receives a payment. Almost like… you know, like an affiliate program.

And on the merchant side… Brands can manage unique links and discount codes for creators from their Shopify admin, so inventory, orders, and other info are updated and accurate.

Who can use it: Shopify Collabs is available to all merchants and creators in Canada and the US.

Why we care: On paper, Collabs seems to offer creators another way to monetize their content, and Shopify merchants new influencer channels to market their products.

It will be interesting to learn how this works out over time.

By the way, speaking of promotional channels…