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Tips for advertising in a privacy-oriented world, and more

Things that come in threes: musketeers, genie wishes, and today’s Meta updates.

Start the count…

Damage control: Meta is adapting to Apple’s ATT privacy regulations, and just published tips that could help you lift ad performance. Meta recommends doing things like:

  • Using their Conversions API.
  • Optimizing ads for conversions instead of clicks.
  • Displaying ads across six or more placements.
  • Simplifying your campaign structure with broader targeting.

… Among other suggestions.

Reels on desktop: You can now create, schedule, and publish Facebook Reels from your desktop using Reels Desktop Composer.

Guess that’s one less screen to worry about.

Not just for food: Facebook Marketplace has partnered with DoorDash, which means merchants can ship items with the help of available DoorDash drivers.

… As long as the items fit inside the trunk of a car and the final destination is within a 15 mile radius.

This partnership is young and in the early testing stages, so it’s available only in select US cities for now.