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A simple trick for having fewer meetings

Nobody likes meetings.

Well, except that one manager or client or employee who seems to enjoy living on Zoom or sitting at the head of the table.

Truth is, while it’s easy to say meetings are bad, it’s harder to cut them out of your schedule.

And convincing an entire team that most meetings are a waste of time is harder still.

On a recent Twitter Space hosted by Shahed Khan there was a mention of a fun system for cutting out meetings:

  • Calculate the average hourly rate of everyone in attendance.
  • Multiply that rate by the length of the meeting.
  • Voilà. Now, you’ve got the meeting cost.

Once you’ve got the cost—say, $2,500—you can bring it to the people involved and ask if it’s a meeting worth $2,500.

In many cases, it isn’t.

It can be done over email, there might be fewer people needed in attendance… All sorts of other, less-expensive options.

Bonus tip: The reverse of this framework is often used in marketing.

For example, instead of telling someone your product costs $4, it often boosts conversion to say it’s the price of a coffee. It’s the exact same psychological principle, just reversed.

Now get out there and enjoy a nice, meeting-free day!