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Need to improve your marketing? Just focus on these two things

Marketing can often feel like preparing an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink soup:

You throw together a bunch of ingredients and hope it works.

Need to improve your marketing? Just focus on these two things

The problem is, that makes it easy to get lost in meaningless activities and to miss what actually helps your brand drive revenue, build market share, etc.

Tim Parkin from MarTech has a solution to this problem.

He suggests focusing on the two most important processes any marketer can have:

  • Experimenting to find out what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.
  • Optimizing to get the most out of the things that do work.

Getting these two things right requires structure, effort, and consistency. And that’s worth investing in.

Let’s take a closer look at these processes…

Experimentation. You never know what works until you try it. Some ideas may seem smart in theory, but they bring in underwhelming results, and vice versa.

When you experiment with a variety of ideas, you gain enough insights to deliver better results, increase conversion rates, reduce costs, and more.

Optimization: By optimizing, you make continuous improvements to your campaigns, which enables you to get better results while using fewer resources.

Sometimes that’s as simple as turning off underperforming ads, and sometimes it’s tweaking your landing page until it starts getting conversions.

The key is to focus your optimization efforts on the things that will have higher impact and are attainable—in other words, you or your team can actually execute them.

Long story short, make a consistent process for testing which will reveal these optimizing opportunities, and then finetune them until they start delivering.

That’s how you’ll see meaningful and profitable results over time. And isn’t that the goal, anyway?

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