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Social Media: The anatomy of a perfect Reddit ad

Reddit ads can pose quite the challenge.

Yes, Reddit offers a highly-engaged user base that you can hit with precise targeting and cheap traffic. But that same user base has little patience for ads.

While it’s not easy to make ads that Redditors actually like, there is good news.

Reddit released an official best practices guide that should help you figure things out.

Let’s start crafting…

Reddit says there are two aspects in ad creatives you should focus your attention on:

#1 – Headlines and messaging. Reddit users read. A lot. And headlines that manage to call out product benefits and value propositions are among top-performing campaigns.

When it comes to copy, treat your audience as you’d treat well-informed friends. Your tone should be authentic and conversational, while staying true to your brand.

#2 – Creative assets. Feature both images and videos in your ads, since users enjoy both.

Also, Reddit says 80% of the top performing video campaigns reveal the brand logo within the first three seconds. So make sure you follow this three-second rule as well.

In addition to the above, Reddit offers several other tips that should help:

  • Leverage conversation placement to hit places where users are most engaged.
  • Use KarmaLab, Reddit’s in-house creative strategy team, for creative support.
  • Experiment with humour and pop-culture references. Redditors love that.
  • Demonstrate platform knowledge by calling out specific subreddits, themes, etc.
  • Don’t use hashtags and emojis, because Redditors don’t use them.
  • Provide value in your ads. If they’re well crafted, users will engage with them.

That’s pretty much it. The only thing left is to fire up the ad manager and start working.

Remember, Reddit is a very different platform from Meta and Snap. Cater to Redditors’ interests and preferences, and you’ll see results.