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You can start using this landing page conversion tip in less than 5 minutes

Conventional landing page wisdom says the following:

  • Your site’s Above the fold (ATF) header should tell people what you do.
  • Your site’s (ATF) subheader should tell people how you do it.

Normally that’s good advice—but not always.

Sometimes products are complicated. You’ve got a dozen important value props, you serve half a dozen different audience segments… You get the picture.

And in these cases, it’s not always wise to use your site’s header as a broad description of what you do.

Instead, it helps to focus on one specific value prop, then use the rest of your landing page to elaborate further.

Here’s what we mean: Take a look at Betterworld’s site. It’s for nonprofits that fundraise.

Take a look at Betterworld’s site. It’s for nonprofits that fundraise.

Their headline, “Keep more of the money you raise,” doesn’t tell you what the product is. Or what it does. But it is a great value prop, and it’s enough to get you to keep scrolling.

So try this: Write two headlines. One says what your product is, and the other hits on a narrow, specific value prop. For example:

  • The nonprofit fundraising platform that charges $0 in fees.
  • Keep more of the funds you raise.

Then, run an A/B test. Go with the headline that converts better. And enjoy the profits!



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