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Three things you can do right now to close a sale

Did you know that there are 30+ so-called “closing techniques” that marketers use to make sales?

Three things you can do right now to close a sale

Some you may know intuitively; some of them you may have studied.

Below are three of our favorites that you can start implementing today:

  • The Artisan Close: Imagine a plumber comes to your house, spends 5 minutes working, and charges you $200. Now, imagine a different plumber takes 6 hours to do the same thing. The latter feels more valuable, even though both plumbers accomplished the same result—this is the Artisan Close. The more effort people think went into your product, the higher its perceived value will be.
  • The Assumptive Close: Ever watched a realtor give someone a house tour? They use phrases like “here’s your living room”, and “your grill can go here, on the deck.” This is the Assumptive Close, and it relies on a concept called “future pacing.” Get people to visualize their life as if they’ve already made the purchase, and it’ll be harder to say no when you make the offer.
  • The Best Time Close: Ever heard the phrase “supplies limited”? Then you’ve experienced the Best Time Close. It’s helpful to use this close even when you don’t feel it’s particularly necessary. For example, if you only stock a Christmas item during the winter season, the line “We only sell this product during the month of December” can boost conversions—even if people were only going to shop for it in December, anyway.

There are dozens more ways to close, and we’ll highlight a few more of them in this section of the newsletter in the weeks to come.