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TikTok: What kind of influence does TikTok have, really?

Scroll, scroll, scroll… TikTok’s tailored feed algorithm is definitely captivating.

But does it actually influence users’ decisions? And if so, to what extent?

A recent survey offers a glimpse at how users spend time—and money—after they see TikTok content.

Very stimulating: Out of 1,368 users, most people (44%) will go and listen to a new song they’ve discovered, or prepare a food or beverage recipe (35%).

And when it comes to business and marketing-related activities:

  • 28% followed a new brand after seeing it on TikTok.
  • 27% purchased a product.
  • 17% started wearing specific apparel.
  • 12% traveled to another city or country.

Share of TikTok users whose activities were prompted by something they saw on the platform

With creators recommending things all over TikTok, just imagine how brands, merchants, and even local businesses could benefit…

Why do people use TikTok? 43% claim they’re looking for—you’ve guessed it—mindless entertainment.

Reasons people use TikTok

But 23% use it for product discovery, and 20% want to keep up with brands.

Why we care: While getting users to listen to a new song might not seem like a big deal, there is massive behavioral power in TikTok’s feed.

So if you’re using the platform and not running influencer campaigns, you might be missing out on some big wins.