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TikTok: New studies demonstrate where TikTok is most effective

TikTok knows you’ll take their research with a grain of salt.

So they commissioned a number of research companies to study the effectiveness of TikTok Ads and called it TikTok Works. Suggestive much?

Jokes aside, here’s what they found…

Packaged goods are crushing it: According to Nielsen, TikTok successfully drives sales with paid media, especially in the US, where it saw 96% higher ROAS compared to other channels.

Beauty, personal care, and food and beverage categories have seen the biggest success, with TikTok Ads even topping TV ads revenue per 1,000 impressions, despite lower costs.

Discovery channel: A study by Fairing found that TikTok is often the first touch point when it comes to learning about new products.

Apparently, 15% of all product discoveries start with TikTok. Seems… big.

Ditch TV for TT: Kantar Link AI discovered that more than 3,500 TikTok ads outperformed digital and TV norms by 15%–20% when it comes to metrics like persuasion and enjoyment.

Makes sense, since youngsters rarely watch TV.

Why we care: TikTok seems to be a great channel for prospecting and content marketing, especially if you sell packaged goods.

We’ll just assume you’ve already integrated it into your marketing stack.

And if you’re recruiting influencers, you should probably know that…

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