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Google: A suite of AI tools is on the way

Remember how Google wasn’t fond of AI written content? Well, that’s because it wasn’t their AI.

The tech giant announced a number of AI generator tools that will soon be available for public use, including text-to-image, AI audio generator, and a text editing tool.

How totally not surprising: Google is using their next-gen conversational AI model LaMDA to power Wordcraft, their prototype writing app. They claim the app will “add spice” when it comes to editing already existing content.

Apparently Wordcraft is capable of creative writing, too. Fun fact: it’s the same system a Google engineer described as “sentient” earlier this year.

How about generating sounds? Google’s AudioLM framework can produce realistic speech as well as piano music by listening to audio only.

… And then there’s Imagen: The text-to-image generator is getting added to AI Test Kitchen, the platform where you can try out Google’s emerging AI technology.

It’s still limited, though. Right now prompts can only generate city buildings and little monsters. Doesn’t make it any less spectacular!

Why we care: Theoretically, all these different technologies would be enough for marketers to generate video ads—complete with imagery, sound, and copy—without leaving the desk.



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