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TikTok Operation: Avoiding the banhammer

As Rocky Balboa would say, fighters fight. And it looks like TikTok won’t go down without one.

Turns out the company is considering a few potential scenarios to avoid crackdowns by European and US governments.

Worst case scenario? Bye, ByteDance

Leaks from inside the company claim TikTok’s leadership discussed breaking off from parent company ByteDance, which is based in China.

In that case, the company could either go public, or be sold to the highest bidder. Interesting.

Hello, Project Texas

Another plan involves moving all US data to servers hosted by Oracle.

A multi-agency security panel was supposed to investigate how secure the data is, but so far, there’s only been cricket noises.

Meanwhile, the bans keep coming

The UK is the last country to ban the app on government devices after the US and several European countries.

With so much smoke, no wonder TikTok is rushing for the nearest fire extinguisher.

Why we care

It’s the first time we’ve received inside intel about TikTok’s plans, and it may offer marketers some hope for the future of the platform.

At the moment, TikTok is willing to sever Chinese ties in order to remain in major markets.

But is that enough to escape the bans? Time will tell…

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