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One tip for writing better-converting copy

Today, we’re sharing something simpler… one single tip you can use to improve the copy in your ads, on your website, and almost anywhere else you’re doing marketing.

Here it is:

Every sentence should convey one unique idea. And as Julian Shapiro wisely points out, that idea should do at least one of the following three things:

  • Increase desire.
  • Reduce confusion.
  • Reduce labor.

With this framework in mind, take a look at your website.

Read every single line of copy, and ask yourself if it’s following the advice above. Here’s one example:

  • Useless sentence: “This is marketing news, done right.”
  • Useful sentence: “We comb through 400+ sources to bring you the most relevant marketing news every weekday.”

You’ll find that most websites are littered with useless sentences that felt good when they were written, but aren’t doing much work to sell.

The more effectively you write sentences, the more effectively you sell.