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Twitter wants to help you improve your ads

Twitter recently hosted a Space on their platform where they shared tips for making the most of Twitter Ads.

Twitter publishes a major events calendar.

A little bird told us: Twitter’s internal promotions team says their tips are based on analytics and first-hand experience. Let’s break them down:

  • Look into trending hashtags: This will help you understand trends and context. For annual events, check last year’s top tweets for inspiration.
  • Use concise copy: Tweets between 50-100 characters perform the best.

… And here are some universal tips you may find useful, regardless of the ad platform:

  • Keep track of key events: Keep a major events calendar so you don’t miss out on opportunities to position relevant offers and maximize your ad performance.
  • Focus on visual assets: Videos and gifs are outperforming still images and text. Make sure the visuals are eye-catching and carry your brand’s message.
  • Use variable creatives: Use at least 3 creative assets so you don’t exhaust your audience with the same visuals.
  • Don’t change things too soon: Every platform has a learning phase that usually lasts around five days. If you chop and change too early, you’ll restart this process.
  • Make changes at one time: Similar to the above bullet, always make sure you make all changes together so the system can calibrate the ads over the next few days.

Why we care: While these tips come from Twitter, social media advertisers can implement most of these regardless of the platform they use.

And with the holidays coming, any help is welcome.