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TikTok: Tracking data, making money, going shopping

If you really want to know someone, ask what they did over the weekend…

Caught tracking: According to the latest finding by Consumer Reports, TikTok is tracking people’s behavior across the web—even if they aren’t using the app!

Tracking data, making money, going shopping

Hundreds of leading companies and organizations are sharing data via the TikTok pixel, including IP addresses, unique ID numbers, what users have been clicking on, and more.

Are you surprised?

Not giving up on live shopping in the US: Even though its UK experiment hasn’t gone as hoped, TikTok still intends to bring live shopping feature to the US.

Live shopping could arrive “sometime next month” for larger brands, probably in time for the holiday season.

Still getting that bread: TikTok held its spot as the highest grossing app in Q3 2022.

TikTok held its spot as the highest grossing app in Q3 2022.

TikTok also had the most downloads overall, with over 196.5M installs during the last three months.

Why we care: Love it or hate it, TikTok is clearly working for marketers.

And if the app follows through with live shopping, that gives you one more channel to promote your products.

Of course, by tracking user data, TikTok also risks fines and changes to its ad model. Something to keep in mind if you’re planning a long-term strategy on the platform.



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