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Twitch’s Host Mode Choice

Twitch plans to drop the wildly lauded “Host Mode” feature from its streams.

But Why Tho

In a universally confusing move, Twitch’s “Host Mode” feature is slated to disappear from channels this October. BTW: Host Mode allows streamers to host other creator streams on their channels while their main streams are offline. It’s been highly praised as a way for streamers to support each other’s channels and creative endeavors. It’s also beneficial for audiences to find new content they love. And not surprisingly, the response has been equal parts outrage and bafflement.

Pulling An Instagram

Twitch’s controversial move comes on the heels of Instagram’s repeated attempts to keep up with its competition — and this strategy hasn’t been going so well for Meta’s youngest. The ‘gram’s satisfaction rating from creators and users has been less than ideal, to the point where its competition is using the backlash to its advantage. Which leaves us wondering – why Twitch, and why Host Mode?


As with all perplexing developments in social media, crowdsourcing may be the changemaker. In the same way that Twitch creators pulled together to influence a sitewide gambling ban, perhaps there’s an opportunity for creators and users alike to vocalize their discontent about this Host Mode exit – and be heard in the process.