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Twitter: Bye bye, free API

The news out of Twitter HQ reminds us of our bedroom temperature: too cold one minute, too warm the next.

It looks like the app plans to strip away the free access tier and throw on several significant price increases

Who can use the thermostat

Elon Musk tweeted earlier that Twitter’s free API has been “abused badly” and hinted that a new paid plan was in the works.

According to leaked documents, the lowest API pricing plan will cost a staggering $42k/month—14 times higher than the previous highest pricing plan. Whoa.

How many tools will survive and thrive with that kind of expense? We’ll see..

At least there’s a new video course

Twitter launched an 8-episode educational series on “creating unskippable video ads.”

The videos—each less than two minutes long—could help you improve your video ads and boost your campaign performance.

Cold take

Your favorite Twitter tools could get expensive. Even worse, a steep price increase like this could drive out a bunch of useful apps that can’t afford the new plan.

Keep an eye on your favorite tools…

Hot take

But if you’re running ads, the platform’s official video series seems like a time-efficient way to refresh or even boost your video ads game, which could work for platforms outside Twitter, too.

And given that Twitter’s current situation might make buying ads on the platform cheap, it could be a good time to try more ads on the platform….

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