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Twitter: Free ad credits, new verifications, and in-app profits

The bird was chirping a lot over the weekend. Let’s start with the “free money for advertisers” part…

Tweet cred: Twitter plans to offer free advertising credits, matching whatever you spend on your ads up to $250,000.

In other words, if you spend $50 on ads, you get $50 worth of free ad credits. Tempting.

Why? Twitter is hoping to win big advertisers back after they abandoned the platform due to controversies surrounding Elon Musk’s takeover.

Out with the Blue, in with the Org: Twitter also announced Verification for Organizations, its new business verification program, and invited users to apply to the waitlist.

Twitter will be reviewing applications before opening access to a “limited group on a rolling basis” in the next few weeks.

Flying on the wings of apps: Also, Twitter has finally started making solid net revenue from in-app purchases on iOS and Android, AppFigures reports.

Twitter's net revenue from in-app purchases in its iOS and Android apps reached $1.9M in December.

The company earned $7.9M profits in 2022, ending the year with a whopping $1.9M in December – a 10% growth compared to November.

While it’s still early days, as apps start rolling out new revenue models, it’s safe to assume this trajectory will continue.

Why we care: The buzz around Twitter seems much more positive now than it was a couple months ago.

And Twitter’s generous credit program, if rolled out, could be a great opportunity to do some testing on the app without taking any significant risks. Just saying.