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Twitter improves ad tracking, TikTok launches Shopping Ads

Shiny new marketing toys just arrived in time for the holidays…

Twitter improves ad tracking, TikTok launches Shopping Ads

Taking ads up a notch: Twitter announced several features that could help you better track ad performance and conversions, including:

  • Updated Twitter Pixel. Now the platform tracks actions like “add to cart” and more.
  • Conversions API (CAPI). You’ll finally be able to track Twitter’s conversion data without using third-party tracking tools.
  • App Purchase Optimization, Twitter’s machine learning feature that helps you place ads in front of the users most likely to buy.

These features are global, so if you advertise on Twitter, you should be able to access them.

Hello, Shopping Ads: TikTok’s new ad service offers three formats:

  • Video Shopping Ads let you highlight one or more products in your in-feed ads and place them in front of users likely to buy.
  • Catalog Listing Ads help you promote your products at scale without using videos, and across placements like Recommended Products, Shoppable Products, and more.
  • Live Shopping Ads enable you to direct users from the For You page to your live page shopping event. This is currently being tested where TikTok Shop is available.

TikTok claims its ad formats are designed to “replace traditional marketing funnels with an infinite sales loop.” Interesting.

Oh look, here’s another platform with a shopping update…

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