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Here’s where Gen Z is getting the news

Gen Z is ignoring the TVs, throwing away the newspapers, and ditching Facebook news pages.

Guess where they’re heading for the news instead?

TikTok, of course: According to a new Pew Research Center study, 33% of US TikTok users regularly get their news from the app. In 2020, it was 22%.

All other social media platforms are seeing downtrends for the same metric. Facebook, for example, is down 10% from 54% in 2020.

… But that’s only half the story: Despite the rise, TikTok is still in the fifth place for news consumption among social media.

First is Facebook, followed by YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Why we care: Among other things, rising daily news consumption on TikTok suggests that daily app usage will also keep increasing.

And if you’re in content marketing or digital PR, you can start looking for news outlets on TikTok for some new placements and easy wins.