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New series on getting eyeballs for your content

Open your notebooks and sharpen your pencils…

Meta is publishing a three part series on getting your content seen on Facebook, and they just dropped the first set of tips.

New series on getting eyeballs for your content

There are two ways your content gets views:

  • Connected distribution, which means your posts are seen by those that follow you on Facebook. That’s your core audience.
  • Unconnected distribution is when your posts reach an audience that doesn’t follow you through other users engaging with your content or from Facebook’s suggestions.

All about the shares: Meta’s new feed algorithm will try to find and show specific content users would like based on their previous activity.

Here’s how you can take advantage:

  • Make original content. Facebook says content should be engaging and distinctive, containing your unique voice and demonstrating your unique perspective.
  • Optimize for shares. The algorithm favors shares, so you need to create shareable content that sparks meaningful and respectful discussion.
  • Be respectful. Make sure your content follows Facebook’s Rules and Guidelines for respectful content.

Why we care: While these tips aren’t revolutionary, they’re an official look into how Meta’s new feed algorithm will work… and they should help you get your content in front of the right people.

More recommendations equals more awareness, which equals more sales… simple logic, right?

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