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Why are you posting on social media?

There’s a trap that even successful brands fall into: They post on social media just for the sake of posting.

“We should just get something out there,” they’ll say. “It’s good to post something.”

But is that true?

There are two types of effective social media accounts a brand can have.

  • The “ads-only” account. This approach involves using your brand’s social media account primarily—or exclusively—for advertising. You might populate your page with a few posts so it feels real, but in effect, you only have social media profiles to run ads with them.
  • The “organic growth” account. This approach views social media as a serious source for organic growth. It means you’re going all-in on creating content designed for engagement. You might run ads, too, but your main focus is growing organically.

The problem? Many brands try to do something in-between. They run ads, but they passively post content in the hopes of generating some level of engagement.

Don’t be like those brands. Instead, try picking one of these types of social media accounts.

If you want to strictly run ads, go for it. Don’t worry about posting just to post.

But if you want to grow organically, go all-in, figure out a strategy that works… and commit.

Focus on one of these approaches, and you’ll see results that are worth the time and effort you put in.