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Yelp’s “$” filters show consumers want deals

Remember when you would ask mom if you could buy food, and she would respond with “We have food at home”?

Wonder how many households are hearing that these days…

What’s going on: Consumers are searching for affordable dining and groceries in nearly every state, according to Yelp’s Q3 report.

And yes, inflation pops up a lot when consumers talk about active life, food, shopping, pets, hotels and travel—more frequently now than it did in Q2 2022.

Anything for a deal: Searches for budget dining and groceries are up 11% from the previous quarter.

Also, the use of inexpensive “$” filters on apps increased by 7% while moderately low “$$” rose by 5%.

Why we care: While Yelp insists that “consumer spending remains strong,” it’s clear that people are hunting for deals.

… Something to keep in mind if you’re running a local business or handling the marketing for one.

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