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It’s a creators’ world, we’re just living in it

Brands create content, but influencers get the clicks.

That might explain why e-commerce platforms are investing big bucks into native creator marketplaces, according to Modern Retail…

Brands create content, but influencers get the clicks.

Something for everyone: In recent weeks, major players like Shopify, Klarna, and most recently Walmart released native tools that mediate between retailers and creators.

Seems like a good move for two reasons:

  • Content created by influencers drives more clicks and engagement than content made by retailers.
  • Retailers profit from traffic driven by creators, especially during big sales days.

Meanwhile, creators can use these retail tools to find deals, create content, generate links, and get paid.

Why we care: One thing is certain—brands are spending more money on creators than ever before, and e-commerce platforms want in.

If you’re in influencer marketing, taking advantage of these native marketplaces could prove lucrative for your clients.

And if your brand works with influencers, you now have multiple channels to try out.