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Advertising: Here’s what’s coming in 2023

Champagnes were popped, wishes were made… and now we can focus on the landscape ahead.

Let’s go through some of the first major announcements of 2023, shall we?

LinkedIn previews new features: The platform announced a number of updates coming in 2023, including…

  • Automatically generated captions for uploaded videos.
  • New Product Pages features such as category filters.
  • Post scheduling.
  • Content analytics.
  • … and more.

Google will sunset similar audiences: The feature—regarded as Google’s version of lookalike audiences—will stop generating new segments in May, and will remove similar segments from all ad groups and campaigns in August 2023.

Google will sunset similar audiences,

Instead of similar audiences, Google plans to rely on automation and first-party data in preparation for a cookieless world. Yes, it’s coming fast.

US Congress hints at more social media regulation: Experts claim the US is “far behind” when it comes to social media laws, which means state representatives may look to regulate it further.

Banning TikTok from government devices may have been the first step towards a full ban of the popular app. Data transfer and privacy laws could get stricter as well.

Why we care: All signs point to 2023 building on what 2022 set up. Platforms will double down on what works to keep users. And with privacy regulations tightening, we may see even more reliance on ad automation and first party data.

Is it really only the first week of January?