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Advertising: How to design high-converting ad creatives

When user tracking gets complicated and targeting becomes faulty, what can you rely on? Ad creatives, of course.

Ash Melwani’s Twitter thread provides some inspiring examples that could help you boost your upcoming holiday campaigns.

Let’s check them out:

Example #1: GIFs. They’re eye-catching and can help potential customers focus on the right elements of your product.

When you make a GIF, be sure to include a strong headline, outline all the benefits, and if there’s a particularly outstanding attribute, make it the primary focus of the ad. Like this example.

Example #2: TikTok style user-generated content (UGC). TikTok videos work when they contain a strong hook—one that is both textual and visual.

And they work really well when they show potential customers how to solve a problem by using a product.

Adding a personal story and frequently changing frames in your video can also boost your engagement rate. Ash shares this example.

Example #3: Static images. Making static images work can be a bit more tricky because they aren’t as attention-grabbing as “content in motion.”

If you want effective static images, you need strong, highly visible copy that can hook the viewer immediately. Show the product clearly, and include a good offer—like a money back guarantee, for example.

Also, if one image works, it’s much easier to make similar variations of the same image and essentially “upgrade” it.

As a bonus, you can also try these tips on your top performing creatives:

  • Take your top-performing static images and turn them into GIFs.
  • Take UGC-style creatives from TikTok and upload them to Facebook and Instagram Reels.
  • Keep doubling down on winners.

There you go. Start working on upgrading your creatives now, and you’ll have time to experiment with ad creative and get more results for your holiday campaigns…