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How Athletic Greens makes millions… without using product pages!

Creating product pages is a prerequisite for selling millions of dollars of product online, right?

Wrong… at least where Athletic Greens is concerned.

The Athletic Greens purchase flow goes straight from homepage to checkout, which we think is brilliant—especially for a company selling just a handful of products.

The Athletic Greens homepage structure looks something like this:

  1. Above-the-fold section with headline and subheader.
  2. Below-the-fold section with value propositions.
  3. CTA for the product, which begins the purchase process when clicked.
  4. More value propositions.
  5. Reviews from customers.
  6. Social proof.

Once you click the product CTA on the homepage, you make a couple quick clicks to determine which product you want.

And just like that, you’re making a purchase.

Why we love this: Redirecting your customers to product pages can increase friction.

So instead, Athletic Greens focuses entirely on optimizing their homepage for conversions, which makes it easier for customers to go straight to buying the product instead of having to navigate to a new page and absorb additional information.

If you only sell a couple of products, this might be worth trying.

If you sell a bunch of products, a format like this might be worth trying for some of your most important products.



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