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Advertising: Organize your Amazon account with this simple folder structure

If you’re running an Amazon Ads account—or multiple accounts—and your files look like Taz from Looney Tunes has just blasted through your folders… you’re in trouble.

Account organization

Navigating through ad folders as clients pile up can become overwhelming and impossibly time-consuming.

And it’s nearly impossible to track the changes you make over time.

That’s why we like the organized account folder hierarchy Elizabeth Greene recommends.

Based on Elizabeth’s framework, each account folder should contain three parent categories:

  • Advertising reports folder with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands subtopics.
  • Bulk files folder with New Bids, Account Changes, New Campaigns, and Negative Keyboards subtopics.
  • Advertising creatives folder where you keep client’s creative assets separated by Logo, Images, and Videos.

It might not look much, but having a clear framework helps you scale your business and later delegate the same tasks to someone else.

It’s all about the system, after all.

Of course, this simple hierarchy could be a foundation for more complex structure, depending on the scope of your work.

Remember, the better your system, the better your performance. And key to a good system to work is a good organizational structure.

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