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A controversial insight for improving your copywriting

Here’s a simple, but perhaps controversial, truth:

In copywriting, men often write for men, and women often write for women.

A controversial insight for improving your copywriting

Sure, it’s a broad generalization.

But while most of us would like to believe that our inner Don Draper writes just as well for both men and women, it’s normally not true.

So, here’s the insight for today:

If your audience includes large numbers of both men and women, try to have both a man and a woman review the copy.

It’s not always necessary.

But, you’ll likely find that men have different insights about your copy than women do—and this can help you make sure your copy works for everyone in your audience.

That’s it for today!

P.S. Don’t believe there’s a gender difference in copywriting? Read Home Depot’s marketing copy (mostly for men), and Sephora’s marketing copy (mostly for women).

Take notice of the differences in style—they’re not hard to spot.