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Guess who’s the king of reach…

It’s like that short kid you underestimated on the soccer field.

Reels may not be the most dominant post format, but it goes the furthest.

Go long: HypeAuditor analyzed 77.6M Instagram posts made by 13.6M influencers worldwide and discovered that Reels produces the most brand awareness.

How different types of content perform on Instaram?

Despite image content still being the dominant post format with 42.2% of distribution, Reels is responsible for 33.8% of the entire estimated reach distribution.

… And Reels accounted for only 22% of all posts on the platform. Whoa!

Why we care: If you want to improve your brand’s visibility organically, table those images and carousels and start creating more Reels instead.

With all videos less than 15 minutes turning into Reels now, you can make a wide range of different content, from how-to’s to user-generated content.

Something to think about.