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Music Makes The Meme

Music and sound selection have a direct impact on content performance.

Sounds Like A Party

Every marketer wants to crack the code for viral content. Experts say that meme-able content correlates to better engagement and longer lifespans. Makes sense, right? Now, lots of brands are getting creative by working with content creators to develop custom music, which provides a unique sound experience while steering clear of music licensing fees.

Taco ‘Bout It

Musical influence is setting trends regularly. One example of a related crowdsourced phenomenon is Taco Bell’s upcoming TikTok musical with Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, which will be a 15-minute homage to Mexican Pizza. The rush of fans advocating for this duo’s performance was so strong that brands couldn’t ignore the call.


When it comes to viral content, music and sound are the changemakers. So much content has taken on a life of its own due to musical components (It’s Corn, anyone?).

@schmoyoho intro song for any meal/snack with corn 🌽 – from iconic interview on @doingthings ♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

Plus, the new genre of TikTok-made music has entered mainstream airwaves, like Jax’s “Victoria’s Secret.” It just goes to show — music, memes, and influencer marketing are a match made in viral heaven.

@jaxwritessongs I wrote a song for The Kid I Babysit. It’s called Victoria’s Secret 🤫 ❤️ 👙 @TheLascherFamily #victoriassecret #fyp #bodypositivity #originalmusic ♬ original sound – Jax