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Video descriptions and Stories just got longer

In the world of short form video content, length still matters.

Video descriptions and Stories just got longer

Just… maybe not in the way you’d think.

Say more: TikTok announced they’re increasing the video description character limit from 300 to 2200—a 730% increase.

TikTok believes more characters could help marketers boost engagement “while becoming more searchable and better recommended to viewers.”

Interesting… especially that last part.

One uninterrupted minute: Instagram is stretching the maximum Stories length from 15 to 60 seconds.

That means Stories won’t be broken into 15-second clips, which should provide a smoother viewing experience.

Yep, that includes Stories ads as well.

Why we care: Both updates are important for marketers. Longer Stories gives you more runway for promoting products and messages.

And longer video descriptions could help you float to the top of TikTok’s search, which is an increasingly popular engine for younger generations. Fun times!