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A new earning channel for creators

So far, short form video platforms haven’t been able to give creators the revenue they need.

Of course, that was before YouTube announced a revenue sharing option for Shorts…

A new earning channel for creators

Influencers get first cut: Existing members of the YouTube Partner Program will earn 45% of ad revenue if their videos are used as promotional content.

And they’re extending the invitation to all Shorts creators with at least 10M views over the last 90 days.

Code, cracked: Despite TikTok’s best attempts, creators struggle to make money from its Creator Fund.

… Probably because TikTok’s algorithm and short video format make it difficult to split revenue fairly.

YouTube, meanwhile, intends to play Shorts between regular videos, then pool together ad revenue every month to distribute among creators and cover licensing costs.

Why we care: This is big in a couple ways. For one, it’s the first real revenue sharing model for short form video on any platform.

And if it works, it could incentivize creators to create more Shorts videos—which could give marketers a solid platform for building influencer campaigns.

Definitely worth following if you run creator campaigns.