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Only people with an IQ in the top 1% will understand this insight

Hey, you’re smart, right?

Then you’re going to like this insight.

It’s called the “IQ Close,” and it’s the same tactic we used in the title of this section.

You can probably guess how it works—we did say you were smart—but basically the IQ Close is a tactic marketers use to associate their product with intelligence.

If we think intelligent people are doing something smart, and we consider ourselves intelligent, then naturally we want to do it, too.

Here are three different examples of the IQ Close in action:

  • You’re on a test drive. “Hey, look,” the salesman says, “this car can really get up and go. One time I had someone cry it scared ‘em so much. But you seem like you can handle it. Floor it when we turn the corner, will you?”
  • You’re on a mental health startup’s website. The headlining social proof is a review from a PhD in neuroscience, touting how much they enjoy the product.
  • You’re reading a promo email for an online course. The copy reads, “This course is for go-getters. People who can commit. Only buy this if you’re ready to put in the time. If you’re not, this isn’t for you.”

All these examples use the IQ Close in different ways, but they follow a core principle: Make people feel good about themselves for buying your product. Make them feel smart, like they’re not the same as everyone else.

Study the three angles above—and brainstorm some of your own—to figure out what’ll work for your product.