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Facebook connects local stores and SMBs, and Google improves Consent Mode

Two notable updates from the ad duopoly…

Shop locally: Facebook just introduced Collaborative Ads for local delivery, an ad format that lets small businesses advertise products while giving customers the option to order from local grocery stores and restaurants.

Facebook connects local stores and SMBs, and Google improves Consent Mode

In other words, if a local store or a restaurant has your items in stock, shoppers can see up-to-date prices of the items and order them instantly.

Very nice.

Respect the user: Google rolled out new features to help you set up and better troubleshoot Consent Mode.

The new support shows you possible causes as to why your Consent Mode isn’t implemented properly, or why your opt-in rate is lower than expected.

You should find your Consent Mode status on the Google Ads conversion diagnostics tab.

Why we care: Facebook’s new ad format could help both local businesses and small brands form symbiotic relationships and get more out of their advertising.

And since web attribution currently depends on visitors allowing cookies, Google’s Consent mode update could help advertisers gather user consent properly and consistently.

With these two updates out of the way, let’s talk about two email campaigns…

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