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Prime Days inspire brands to get creative

The Story

Cyber Monday isn’t the only online shopping day to keep an eye on anymore.

Prime Days inspire brands to get creative

Let’s Go To The (Online) Mall

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have long been the traditional shopping days that consumers and brands look forward to every year — and still do, only with lots of new strategies emerging. Then, Amazon made Prime Days into record-setting annual experiences. But why stop there? Since Prime Day over the summertime made such a splash, Amazon added more — and this week’s Prime Day deals have relied heavily on influencers promoting their favorite products all over social media in preparation for the big event.

Primed For Success

Amazon’s success has inspired other brands who want to get on board — and Walmart is just one example of another brand holding sale days inspired by Amazon. We even saw this last summer, when brands like Best Buy, Target, and Chewy held their own “Christmas in July”-style sales.


With influencer marketing constantly evolving, brands are seeing the potential to mimic — or all-out redefine — what it means to be successful online. Experts have noted that influencer marketing is “not dead, just different.” We’re eager to see what influencers, content creators, brands, and marketers do to partner together to propel a new definition of e-commerce.